About IndoHub
We exist to facilitate networking between Indonesians living, studying, working in Australia.


Be found
Many small and home based businesses are not well featured in Google search. Having an entry in IndoHub will help your business gain visibility among local Indonesian market in Australia.
Target local customers
Customers are more likely to visit and purchase from a local business than one far away. IndoHub directory has geolocation filter enabling your customers to find you easily based on their search location.
Connect with Indonesians
Indonesians are more likely to do business with other Indonesians given the familiar culture and ease of communication. IndoHub directory is specifically catered to Indonesians, allowing your business to connect with other Indonesians.
Improve SEO
Having listed on IndoHub will be seen as positive point for search engine ranking.
Attract customers
Our audience consist of Indonesians in Australia or seeking to migrate to Australia. These highly targeted audience are more likely to buy from you.
Your business will be visible to other businesses who can become your clients as well.