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CANDIDPRO is an international award winning studio specialize in wedding photography, portraiture photography and cinematic wedding videography.
It was founded in 2003 and now it is one of the leading studio in Australia.
CANDIDPRO is based in Sydney and Melbourne and offers services to Australia wide and international.


Cliq Productions was founded by Yanddy Limadinata towards end of 2007. Originally born in Indonesia, Yanddy migrated to Perth, Western Australia in late 1991 to further his university studies. Music, art, and photography have been part of his life since early years – and continue to evolve till now

He always excited about new ideas, unique concepts, and welcome any challenges on any projects. His speciality is simplicity, straight forward style of photography delivering the message to intended audience. His unique angles, versatility, and ability to interpret unique subject has earned him multiple international awards in portraiture, wedding, as well as commercial categories. His passion in photography has earned him dual prestigious Master Qualifications from London and USA in 2008 and 2011

He is currently reside in Sydney to pursue his passion to create, to capture imagination with talented people in the industry

9 Herndon Close, Cannington, Western Australia 6107

Glorious Photography was founded with a mission to make every snap and moment glorious.
Proudly based in Perth, Western Australia, for the past 12 years the team of Glorious Photography has been there for families and friends, parties and small business events – all the way up to large corporate gatherings and national events – and sought to provide truly outstanding service.

We do so with a team of wide and varied expertise, from dedicated photographers to videographers, editors and more, we’ll take the time to ensure you receive the service you seek, and are delivered an outstanding end product upon completion of the event.

While we run a business resolute in our professional dedication and commitment to client satisfaction, we also do not mind saying: for us it is personal. A look around our website here or visit to our Facebook will affirm the team at Glorious Photography loves producing photography and visual content in our private lives, just the same as we adore the work we do for clients each day.

From weddings recorded in beautiful Technicolour style, to first birthdays done in rich black and white, to annual family photos and Christmas cards that show who you are and all you have to celebrate; our team pursues all projects with a view to creating beautiful memories and mementos.

Ensuring the glorious moments are captured precisely and guaranteeing an outstanding end product – that’s our mission as Glorious Moments, and why we’d welcome your call or email today.

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