Religious Services

1536 Malvern Road Glen Iris, VIC 3146

Melbourne Praise Centre is committed in creating a church with a family atmosphere where you can experience a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and other people. We are also committed to building a church that obeys God’s great commands to share the Gospel message in a relevant way to all nations.

We invite you to join us and experience God’s goodness. love and power. It is our hope that our service will impact you and this blessing will flow through you to others.

We are affiliated with Churches of Christ Victoria and Tasmania.
We exist to Mobilise People to Christ who will impact the community for the Kingdom of God.

We see a Multicultural and Mission-oriented Church, a Praising and Praying Church, and a Cell and Compassionate Church.

641 George St, Haymarket, NSW, 2000, Australia

Catholic Indonesian Community – St. Peter Julian is a group for Catholic Indonesians residing in Sydney, Australia. Everyone is welcome to come and join our Mass services, Praise and Worship sessions, Workshops, and to hang out!
Mass is on every 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month at 2.15 pm at St. Peter Julian’s Church, 641 George St. Haymarket, Sydney NSW 2000.We welcome everyone who is interested to serve Him on and/or off Mass. We have weekly programs, great events, and forum where every brothers and sisters in Christ are equal and supportive of each other.

826 George Street, Chippendale, 2008.

Our Church is a dedicated place to praise and worship Jesus Christ.
We welcome everyone to come and join us.
All in all we are working to become Christians that will serve the purpose.
A church, a body of Christ, a house of love, with honest,
committed, convicted, compassionate, faithful prayer and worshipper of the Lord.

st andrew.jpg
1560 Malvern Road, Glen Iris, VIC, 3146, Australia

Mulgrave Uniting Church – Indonesian Congregation (MUC-IC) falls under the umbrella of the Uniting Church of Australia (UCA). For that reason, MUC-IC follows the procedures implemented by the UCA.

MUC-IC’s procedures are created to supplement or clarify UCA’s procedures in order to accommodate for the Indonesian congregation.
Its vision was to spread the good news in Bahasa Indonesia to a wider Indonesian community. Over time the members also longed to expand its reach and to be an all-inclusive fellowship. In 1985, it was decided that MUC-IC was to become part of the church in Australia.

109 Lennox Street, Newtown, NSW, 2042, Australia

We are located at Cnr Lennox St & Station St (Frontyard) or 59 Bedford St (Backyard).

1798 Albany Hwy, Kenwick, Western Australia, Australia

A place for you to grow in Christ.

Sunday Service : 11.00 am.
Children Church :11.00 am.
Monday Bible Study : 7.00pm
​Friday Cell Groups : 7.00pm
​Saturday Prayer Meeting : 3.00pm

517 Whitehorse Road, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
ifgf perth.jpg
20 hayman road Bentley, Western Australia
+61 433 234 158+61 433 234 158

Welcome to IFGF GISI Perth
((International Full Gospel Fellowship))

~Live praise and worship band, life-changing sermons, friendship and fellowship~

Our Church is a dedicated place to praise and worship Jesus Christ. We welcome everyone to come and join us.

All in all we are working to become Christians that will serve the purpose. A church, a body of Christ, a house of love, with honest, committed, convicted, compassionate, faithful prayer and worshipper to the Lord.

237 Milton Rd, Milton QLD 4064, Australia

We are a multicultural church in the heart of Brisbane. Either you live, have a short stay, or in your holiday in Brisbane we are happy to have you worshiping with us.

Our church is located across the street of the Milton Railroad Station – just one station away from the Brisbane CBD which is reachable from any parts of Brisbane by public transport. We conduct our service on Sunday at 9.30 am in English and/or Bahasa Indonesia.

place joy.jpg
Victoria University 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000, Australia

Place of Joy, is a branch from Indonesian Family Church in Perth, WA. Started in 2005 as a church with small number of people, our church soon grows to a community that aims to be a blessing to many people, impacting many lives, both in Melbourne and in Indonesia.

Our vision is to build a strong community based church with far-reaching capability impacting nations.
Our mission is for us to embrace His love and share it to others so together we can change the world to be a better place.

94 Houston Rd, Kingsford, NSW, Australia

We are a community of God’s people worshipping Jesus together in Kingsford in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We are saved, sustained and gathered together by grace. And so, we are committed to following Christ, proclaiming the gospel, loving one another and living in hope until Christ’s return

We are made up of people from different backgrounds and cultures but we believe that God has made us one in Jesus Christ.

KINGSWAY is also part of a wider church. We are the English congregation of the Indonesian Presbyterian Church Randwick (IPC Randwick). That means we submit to the leadership of the pastors and elders of IPC Randwick. But being an English congregation we speak English and we welcome people from every nation.

PO BOX 784 Applecross WA 6953

In early November 1992, Daniel and Karen Ong first set their feet on Perth, Western Australia to serve prayer fellowship for the Indonesian people, which was known as Indonesian Family Fellowship at that time. As the name suggested, this fellowship had a strong emphasize on the importance of family, which is still carried on until now. On the 4th of May 1994, the fellowship became a church, hence the name changed to Indonesian Family Church (IFC). By the grace of God, the church grew significantly and started reaching out to Indonesian people in other cities in Australia and in other countries (Indonesia, Singapore & Beijing). Indonesian Family Church is also known as “Oikos Church” due to its strong value on family (Oikos means Family in Greek).

Church is a family, Oikos is MY Family, MY Future & MY Legacy
Oikos is a Greek Word of “Family”. We have this motto to signify that whatever place you come from, whatever background you were born into, IFC is your family as long as you live here in Perth. We invite you to come and join our small group, called OIKOS, so we can grow together to be more like Christ.

GRII Melbourne.png
552 City Road South Melbourne, VIC, 3205

We call ourselves the Reformed Evangelical, because we do reformed theology and are excited to evangelise. Reformed theology, we believe as a theology based on the sovereignty of God and so we make every effort to reinforce the authority of the Bible. Evangelical spirit reminds us christians, that we should be the salt and light of the world, loving people who are still living in sin, who needs the atoning blood of Christ. We express this in our Creed, as well as in the burden and prayer that was expressed by Pastor Stephen Tong in opening GRII services in Jakarta.

GRII existence anywhere is expected to be a blessing to all christians around the place. Therefore, GRII never thought that this church exist and stand for one group of Christians, but always strive so that we can be a blessing for many people as possible with the widest possible scope.

1070 Stud Road, Rowville, Victoria, 3178, Australia

Australia for Christ Church is a vibrant community of everyday people with a desire to connect you to an amazing God. We are a family growing together to bless the community, Australia and the world with the good news about Jesus Christ.

bethany brisbane.jpg

Bethany Brisbane International Church (BBIC) started out as a Family Altar group (Caregroup) in 1998. The organization then slowly multiplied in numbers and became established as a Church in September 1999. Ps. Hanny Yasaputra and family had been living in Perth when he accepted the offer to oversee BBIC and relocated here in 1999. He has been serving at this church faithfully ever since. The church has been growing ever since, and moving at a steady pace to continue expanding God’s Kingdom. Ps. Hanny believed in the preaching of the Kingdom of God, where both the Law and the Grace of God is applied accordingly.

There have been many relationships restored, miraculous healings, financial breakthrough, and other testimonies emerging by His grace. Ps. Hanny’s teachings has guided the congregation in developing Godly characters and culture, To allow God’s purposes to be fulfilled in His perfect timing in our lives. As we move towards our 13th year, we believe that God will bring His Church to new heights, bringing His people to be in a closer and deeper, more intimate relationship with Him.
We have been created as HIStory makers, therefore HIStory shall continue.

19 Tolmer Place, Springwood, Qld, Australia.

RHEMA Australia is an international ministry and we are glad to be a part of this building process in our work in the RHEMA Family Churches Australia network and RHEMA Bible Training Centre Australia.

In order to magnify God’s Name and by the power of His Spirit,
• we will save the lost by bringing people to Jesus Christ
• we will establish the saved through membership in His family
• we will train the established by developing them to Christ like maturity while equipping them for their ministry in the church and life mission in the world
• we will send out the trained to demonstrate God’s love

Indonesian Christian Church.jpg
Werner Brodbeck Hall, 156 Collins Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Indonesian Christian Church We are the Indonesian congregation of Scots’ Church, Melbourne. Worship service at Sunday 10.30am

220 Pitt St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

Agape is a young church committed to caring for and blessing the growing Indonesian and English community in Sydney.

Our vision is to reach out to all of God’s loved people, to share the Good News with them and to influence them into having one faith and knowledge of the truth of God. We want to lead God’s people into full spiritual maturity and guide them towards holiness as Jesus has shown us. It is our vision that our church will “be rooted, grow and be fruitful” in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to serve God and to serve others for the glory of God’s name, and to carry out the new command given to us by Jesus Christ which is to “love one another; As I have loved you” (John 13:34) – that is, with Agape love.

We believe in God the Trinity, that God exists as a unity of three distinct persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Bible, consisting of the Old and New Testament, is the divine authority of our God who is perfect and most high and that His Word has originated directly from God’s own wisdom. We affirm our belief in accordance with the Apostle’s Creed.

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